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Celebrity Diary: I didn't just get myself a new job as Bill's Apprentice, I also got a new boyfriend ... Jamie!

IT'S been a hectic week after ringing in 2011 with my new boyfriend, fellow Apprentice contestant Jamie Moran, before starting my new position as Bill Cullen's Apprentice.

This is my fourth day on the job and, thankfully, I'm settling in really well. It has been pretty hectic, as all the new car deliveries for 2011 have been arriving, but I love it. I thrive on working in a busy environment.

I was working for Digiweb previously, but I finished with them back in November so I had been quite anxious to get back to work.

It's funny how you just miss the little things, like picking out your outfit for the next day or setting your alarm to get up in the morning. On Monday night I kept checking to make sure my alarm was set for 6.30am and even at that, I didn't sleep a wink. I think I woke up every single hour and checked the clock as I was terrified that I had slept in.

It was a mixture of excitement and nervousness. I was lucky in that I had the Monday off to clear my head and prepare myself for my first day.

I wanted to be well rested and focus on the fact that after all the hype surrounding TV3's Apprentice series, and all the media attention after I won, I was finally starting the new job.

I was out in D2 nightclub on Harcourt Street on Friday night with Jamie and a few friends celebrating New Year, but after that I just took it easy for the weekend.


It's funny, we did have quite a few people coming up to talk to us after a few drinks when we were out. Generally everyone has been really positive and have been very nice and supportive if they come up to me.

I don't mind it at all if people want to say hello. If you go on to the TV and you put yourself out there in the public eye, then you have to expect to be recognised.

It was a bit weird when there was a lot of attention on Jamie and me, it's kind of like an added pressure. It's nice to have it all out in the open now. If anything, we've both been through the same thing, so we can relate. Initially we were only friends, we had stayed in touch from day one.

It's all going great though, so far so good. He's working with Brodericks, so we're both very busy and happy.

I've stayed in touch with a lot of the gang from the show, like Niamh McDonald, who came second, and Will McCreevy and Dave Cashman. For the most part I got on with everyone. A lot of them contacted me to say good luck with my first day. They're a great group and I think we'll all keep in touch.

So far the hours working for Bill have been grand. I'm usually in the office before eight in the morning and I'm home by 7 o'clock. They have given me various projects to work on and I'm sure there will be days where it's really busy, but it's not like 20 hours a day or anything.

In between working, I've been busy playing with my new toy, my car. Basically, as part of my prize for winning the show I was given a new Renault Megane Coupe. It's a kind of a burnt orange colour and it has all these fancy things you can do, I love it.

I've had people recognising me in it on the M50 and beeping at me when I'm going to and from work. Sometimes if I'm stuck in traffic or at lights they will roll down the window and say congratulations.


I moved house after the show as I had just split up with my boyfriend and I knew I was going to be working at Airside in Swords. I'm kind of based between Rathfarnham and the M50 now, so it's perfect.

At the moment it's just me in the house but a friend of mine is moving in with me next week so I'm looking forward to that. I've been so focused on the job this week that I haven't had much time to do anything else but I'm planning to take up hot yoga to stay in shape.

Last year's winner Steve Rayner has been giving me some tips and advice on how to balance it all since I started. He was the first person who shook my hand the day I started and I have a lot of time for him. We went for lunch that day and he was filling me in on everything. He's just got married over the Christmas holidays so he was in great form and showing me all the pictures.

Bill and Jackie have also been great and have made sure I got a warm welcome since I started. They have a whole rake of projects for me to be working on so I'm excited about getting my teeth into them over the coming year. I haven't made any plans yet for my first weekend off. I hear it's going to snow so we'll have to see what happens with that.

Otherwise I'll probably just meet up with friends, relax and start thinking about next week's work!