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Celebrity Diary: Daithi O Se

We've been in the throes of recording the All Ireland Talent Show for the past few weeks so life as I know it has ceased to exist.

I've been working flat out between commuting to record the show in Ardmore Studios in Bray and presenting the weather on TG4 every day.

I'm based in Galway between Monday and Friday and then it's straight to Dublin on a Saturday to start rehearsals for the All Ireland Talent Show and to do the live shows on a Sunday evening.

It's good to be back and particularly now that we've gone live, those shows are always good fun.


I think the competition between the five judges is stronger than ever this year. They're all out to get me this time. The judges seem to be very hard on my acts, even when it comes to picking the wildcards.

They're getting worried because I've had a couple of good wins and of course I won last year so they're determined I won't get it again.

I'm not having any of it, I'm fighting back.

There's still plenty of rivalry between myself and Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh, she is one of my main rivals.

The tension kind of carries on for about 20 minutes or a half hour when we come off air and then we get over it and make up. It's like football, even though your friend may support the rival county you have to be an adult about it and put it aside.

I have to say Shane Lynch is really good fun, we have a great time hanging out in the hotel and John Creedon is very competitive but he's a good guy and we have a laugh.

I have a real soft spot for Dana. Now that I'm single again, I've confessed my love for her but she turned me down gently and told me she's happily married so it could never work.


For the sake of our working relationship I had to just get over it and move on.

Ah no, I'm only joking, we get on great because we sit beside each other on the show but I'm very much just enjoying single life at the moment.

There are no ladies on the go for me, I wouldn't have time to be seeing anyone because I'm just too busy with my work.

I occasionally get out on the town with the other judges but that's about it, we try and socialise a bit together when we get the chance.

A few of us headed into town after the New Year's Eve shows and went up to Krystle for a drink.

That was the most socialising I did over Christmas because I was working on TG4, presenting the weather, on Christmas Day and St Stephen's Day and I also had a bit of a flu so I was trying to shake that.

I'm about to be excommunicated from my family in Kerry because I have only been home three times since Christmas 2008.

They've been joking with me that they'll be changing the will and my brother will be getting all the land.

I do find it hard to stay in touch with everyone when I'm so busy but at least that's one great thing about being in the car travelling between Dublin and Galway so much.

I've got a hands-free kit so I spend a lot of time on the phone catching up with all the gang. I was chatting to Aoife Kelly, last year's Rose of Tralee, on the phone over Christmas. She was try- ing to persuade me to come to South Africa for a visit since I had missed her wedding over there to Leon de Klerk.

I would love to have got over for it but I was filming a show for TG4 at the same time and literally couldn't have flown out until the day of the wedding so it wouldn't have worked.

I'll definitely have to get over for a trip once we've wrapped on the All Ireland Talent Show.

I've never been to South Africa and it's somewhere I'd love to visit.


I'm also hoping to get away somewhere for a couple of days in February before the big weekend of the Meteor Awards on the Friday, the IFTAs on the Saturday and the All Ireland Talent Show on the Sunday.

I'm pretty limited in the time I can take holidaywise because I have to be in Dublin for filming on a Sunday, come hell or high water.

I think like everyone, though, I'll need a holiday after the weather we've been having lately.

Of course, being a weather presenter isn't an easy job right now. You literally have people approaching you on the street asking when this snow and ice and cold is going to end.

It's looking like we'll have a bit of a break around the 15th or 16th of this month so my advice is for people to stay wrapped up for another while.

To be honest, I prefer this kind of weather to the rain, at least you can get out and do things as long as you're dressed appropriately. I haven't had too much trouble on the roads up to now, thankfully they opened a new motorway from Galway to Athlone which makes it a bit easier.

Fingers crossed I'll be okay to head back to Dublin tomorrow evening after presenting the Euro Millions on TG4.


Other than that, the biggest thing that stood out for me this week is that I actually had a day off.

I had Thursday to myself, which was so nice because I was able to put on a nice big open fire, cook myself a proper dinner and put my feet up in front of a DVD.

Usually I end up eating out most days so being able to cook a proper meal at home in my own kitchen is a real novelty that I look forward to.