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Celebrity Diary: After my week of drama I'm ready for a night of fun and fashion at the style awards

I'm honestly so excited about tonight's Peter Mark VIP Style Awards, I can't wait for it.

I've been planning so much for it and running around trying to get organised.

We live in Manchester but I've been up in Newcastle with Stephen [Stephen plays for Premier League club Newcastle] since yesterday and it was so hard trying to organise flights to come over.

There was only one direct flight at 11am and we thought there was no way we would make that. Then Stephen's treatment time changed and we've managed to sort out that so we can make the early flight after all.

I've had an absolutely mental week so I'm looking forward to a good night out. I have a dress for tonight that I bought in Harrods a couple of weeks ago -- it's by an American designer called Giovanni. I just really liked it when I saw it.

We're flying into Dublin this morning and we're booked into the Shelbourne Hotel so we can relax for a few hours and get ourselves ready.

I don't know what table I'm going to be sitting at yet and I don't really care. It's just nice to be out as it's so rare that myself and Stephen get a night out together, just us without the kids.

It will be nice to meet everybody but because it's my first time there, I really don't know what to expect.

I'm dying to check out all the style as a lot of times, women do dress up for other women and it's great looking at all the different outfits.

I know Claudine Keane is going and while I've never met her before, we share the same agent so it will be lovely to finally meet her. I've been to see Robbie a few times with Stephen and he was really friendly so I'm sure she'll be the same. I know the aftershow party is in Krystle and I've been there before when I went on The Saturday Night Show and I know it's a great club.

Last weekend, I was down in London

as my good friend Chantelle Tagoe was having a fundraising event for Africa called the One Goal Foundation. I went down to show my support for that.

But this week didn't get off to a great start, with one drama after the next. I'm a really organised person and once one thing goes wrong, I go into panic mode.

Both the kids were sick, which only added to the stress levels.

On Tuesday, Joshua wasn't well and then on Wednesday, it was Jacob's turn. I got a call from his nursery saying that he was sick. I've just been staying in with them, watching Power Rangers on TV and looking after them.

My poor little Chihuahua, Jackson, was also in the wars as he had a bad accident. It sounds kind of trivial but we've had him years, he's part of the family now. I got a call from Stephen and he was like 'Oh my God, something happened'.

So I got on to my dad straight away as I knew he was with him and he told me that Jackson had been attacked. We don't know if it was another dog or a fox as there's loads of them in our area but one of his eye sockets was hanging out, the poor thing. We had to take him to the vet and get it stitched up and he said he could lose the sight in one eye.

Yesterday I had to go up to meet Stephen in Newcastle so I hopped on the train. Then he rang me and told me to get off in Leeds as he was getting his suit there so that saved me a bit of time.

My mum and dad have flown over to look after the kids for us for two days so that's a huge help. It's been so crazy for both of us lately that it's going to be just lovely to chill out in Dublin and we're so looking forward to it.

Jessica Lawlor has been nominated for the Best Newcomer in the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards