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Celebrity Diary: A woman gave me €5 to buy myself some socks. I gave it back and told her to buy herself a bra that fits instead

I'M really looking forward to kicking off a relaxing weekend after what's been a hectic few days of work.

I've been back to reality with a bang since Tuesday after taking an eight-week holiday over the summer.

Since getting home I've been back and forth to London trying to organise things over there, as well as getting on top of my affairs in Dublin. There's a lot to organise.

I can't complain too much, though, as one of my first gigs this week was to team up with the lovely Sharon Corr to help publicise yesterday's Blossom Hill Ladies' Day event at the RDS Dublin Horse Show.

We both judged the contest along with the very talented milliner Michael Leong.

We had great craic going around and checking out the talent. Naturally, we also had a couple of glasses of wine afterwards so the head is a bit tender today.


I was delighted to be asked, though, as I think the Horse Show is a very positive event for Dublin -- particularly in the current climate.

It's just a very cheap fancy dress day and unlike some other events in the UK it's really inclusive. Anyone can come along and have a great day out.

I must say it was a very tough choice to pick the winner as most of the ladies in attendance had really pulled out all the stops.

What I look for when it comes to the outfits is someone wearing young, interesting, designers, because this is a great opportunity to showcase their work.

If someone's wearing something new or unusual that I've never seen before, then that really excites me.

The aim for the ladies is really to put together the perfect 'mother-of-the-bride' style outfit and essentially outdo their competitor who will be wearing the 'mother-of-the-groom' outfit.

I actually judged the Best Dressed Man contest too, which is a new one. Personally, I love to see a bit of tweed on a male.

I was invited to go on the Moncrieff Show on Newstalk on Wednesday to discuss both contests at the Horse Show.


Afterwards I ended up giving my views on the Norris debacle as well.

As far as I'm concerned something just doesn't sit right with me that he seems to have been chased out of the race. It could have been so amazing for our nation.

He didn't commit a crime. I'm just genuinely devastated. I think it's a really sad day. I do believe he was bullied out of the race. He would have been an amazing representative of Irish culture and he's just so charming.

I do think there is a certain element in our country and that there was no way they were having the first gay president in Europe.

I hate being the gay that bangs on about this. I hate bringing up my attack again but I was randomly attacked earlier this year.

I've kind of made light of it because I didn't feel threatened by this guy. He was just a drunken eejit, but you know it is happening out there. Gay attacks happen every night of the week, unfortunately.

I won't ever let it affect my own style choices though. I don't think I could surprise people anymore with my outfits.

I always like to live on the edge and do the unexpected. Yesterday, I wore head-to-toe River Island; a grey suit and a grey bow-tie paired with a vintage handkerchief by Dior. I also went for the no socks look again.

I'm a big fan of the style and also wore it to the Galway Races last week. It resulted in some drunken woman coming up to me and handing me a fiver to go and buy myself a pair of socks.

Naturally, I handed it straight back. I actually stuck it between her chest and told her to go and buy herself a bra that fits instead.

I spent the long weekend visiting family, including my little niece Emily. She's adorable. I love spending time with her.

Prior to that I had spent a couple of months visiting friends all over the globe.

I like to call it my 'couch-surfing' holiday. Basically, I decided against doing the typical two-week luxury trip in favour of a more budget-friendly trip.

There were moments of course, such as when I woke up on a friend's couch in Manhattan, that I thought 'I'm too old for this' but you know overall it was great and I really felt I made the most of my summer break.

I kicked off my break with a couple of weeks in Spain. Basically a gang of friends and I rented a villa, where I celebrated my 40th birthday in style.

I had organised a party at my own home for a friend's 40th the previous year and after all the stress of that I was adamant I didn't want a party so I brought all my friends on holidays with me instead.

We had a ball, I would highly recommend it -- it was a trip of a lifetime.

Since getting home, I've also been busy planning the forthcoming season of Off The Rails with the team at RTE. My co-host Sonya Lennon and I are now searching for participants and will be casting from today.

We're very excited about the season, there are some brilliant new things coming on board but unfortunately I can't say too much about it just yet.

Sonya and I are also busy working on our second book, which has been given the working title of Your Fashion Needs You.

It's going to be an innovative production because, essentially, our viewers are going to help us write it.

We're also hoping to get our Off The Rails Live show back on the road this November.

We're in the process of discussing it at the moment but if it all comes together it will be in a very different guise to previously.

I think people will have an appetite for it, well, hopefully, anyway!