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Celebrity Big Brother snares Sheen with €7m

SOME say he should be in an asylum, but the next best thing awaits bonkers star Charlie Sheen.

The Two and a Half Men joker is believed to have been offered a staggering €7m to stay in the Big Brother house.

Channel 5's version of the smash-hit reality series sees a group of celebrities live in the same house, with no contact with the outside world.

Sheen (45) is said to be the latest star Channel 5 has signed a deal with, and sources say the actor has secured a contract for €6.8m.

The father of four is due to fly to the UK over the next two weeks, after already agreeing to the deal.

Producers of the show have said that his presence is guaranteed to create "unmissable TV".

The troubled star has caused a lot of controversy this year after he was fired from Two and A Half Men for his outrageous behaviour and on-going drug problems.

Since leaving the show, Sheen has become an internet sensation, receiving more than four million followers on his Twitter page after just one week and touring the US with his live stand-up show, The Torpedo Of Truth.

The actor has also done some bizarre interviews in which he blasted his former Two and A Half Men boss Chuck Lorre, calling him a "silly little fool" and claiming that the show will be a "failure" without him.

The star, who has now been replaced by Ashton Kutcher, has also suffered some serious health problems this year due to his heavy partying lifestyle.

The actor was rushed to hospital in January after an apparent 36-hour alcohol and cocaine binge. The public has also had front-row seats to the demise of Sheen's second marriage. His violent relationship with wife Brooke Mueller fell apart earlier this year, with both parents battling it out for the custody of their twins.

A source at Channel 5 has said that after all the publicity Sheen has had this year, Big Brother is sure to get massive ratings.

"It would be unbelievable, a producer's dream," an insider revealed. "No one would want to miss the chance of seeing what he's up to and hear the wacky things he's saying."

"And let's face it, he's been saying some crazy stuff recently."