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Cecelia's big TV test - to make the Germans laugh

THE Americans didn't quite get her humour but Cecelia Ahern is hoping the Germans will appreciate it.

The daughter of ex-Taoiseach Bertie Ahern is set to launch her second big TV series - with an audience that could include Angela Merkel.

Although her first effort at TV, Samantha Who, got the chop after just two seasons, Cecelia is trying again.

"I'm working on TV shows all the time. For every one show I get made I have 10 that don't so it's always a work in progress. I'm doing a German TV show at the moment. We are doing three shows for the station ZDF," she explained.

The chick-lit author told the Herald she was hopeful that her new show on German TV would prove a big hit.

"We won't see it over here but it's happening and I'm always doing new things like that," she explained.

Although the author remained tight-lipped on the details, the shows will be shown on the German station in early 2012. Cecelia has also recently released her new novel The Time Of My Life which was nominated for the Eason Irish Popular Fiction Book Of The Year Award at the Bord Gais Book Awards.

Although she didn't land the top award, she told the Herald: "It is always an honour to be nominated it's great to see my name up there and it's great to great recognition. It's nice to feel celebrated. It's like a pat on the back."