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Cecelia meets stars who are bringing her characters to life

IT is always unsettling to come face to face with the characters you have created.

So novelist Cecelia Ahern admitted she was "emotional" meeting the leads in the forthcoming film version of her book, Where Rainbows End.

In the romantic comedy, Lily Collins and Hunger Games star Sam Claflin play characters Rosie and Alex, the star-crossed young lovers who strike up a deep friendship at high school but are constantly separated.

Shooting on the production has already begun in Toronto, but writer Cecelia caught up with the cast members as they rehearsed their parts in Dublin last week.



"It was very emotional for Cecelia because she dreamt up the characters of Rosie and Alex and here they were in the flesh. She just couldn't believe how well Sam and Lily had lifted them from the pages of her book," said a source.

Returning to film in Dublin for the remainder of the six-week shoot, the feature will be one of three Ahern productions shooting in Dublin.

German TV channel ZDF are shooting two other scripts by the million-selling author as part of their Heart Cinema series.

"Cecelia wanted all three of these productions here in Ireland, so she's delighted to have all these crews in Ireland right now and that its a boost for the local film industry," added the insider.

And the work of her friend, acclaimed Meath-based sculptor Orla de Bri, will be seen by millions of TV viewers in Germany when it features in a scene in one of the ZDF dramas.

"Cecelia has always been very supportive of my work, and her mother Miriam, so it's wonderful she is showcasing my work this way," said Orla.