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Cecelia 'amazed' as novel hits top 10 here and in UK


Cecelia Ahern

Cecelia Ahern

Cecelia Ahern

Cecelia Ahern is on top of the world after her latest novel has shot to the top of the book charts.

The Dublin novelist's popularity shows no signs of abating and her 11th novel is in the top 10 in both Ireland and the UK.

"Amazing news today; The Year I Met You is number 1 in Ireland and number 5 in the UK. Thank you, thank you everybody," Cecelia said.

And the top position comes as Love, Rosie - the movie adaptation of her novel Where Rainbows End - was released in European cinemas.

The Malahide beauty insisted that filming take place in Ireland and made her cameo appearance when the cast and crew were shooting scenes in a church in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow - but her scene failed to make the final cut.

The daughter of former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, story-teller Cecelia (33) has already written her 12th novel.

"I love it. I can't tell you anything about it but I wrote it in six weeks," she told the Herald.

"It just came running out of me. My son would be asleep in bed and I'd be just writing away. I couldn't not write this," she added.

The Year I Met You tells the story of a workaholic woman who loses her job and becomes obsessed with her troubled male neighbour who's also going through a hard time.


And while Cecelia insists that she's "nothing like" her main character, she used to be far more obsessed with her career prior to becoming a mum.

"I have always felt compelled to write. Putting things on paper is my way of sorting things out," she said. "Before I had my family, when I was in my 20s, my life was just about work and it's all just go, go, go.

"You don't know how to say 'no' and just keep going so when I stopped and had a family, work and life became very separate things for me."