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Caroline keeps Carrick company as they cheer on Rory


Caroline Wozniacki with Michael Carrick

Caroline Wozniacki with Michael Carrick

Caroline Wozniacki with Michael Carrick

CAROLINE Wozniacki had prestigious sporting company following boyfriend Rory McIlroy around the first round of the DP World Tour Championship.

The tennis ace was joined by none other than Manchester United star Michael Carrick at the event in Dubai.

But Caroline only had eyes for Rory, mingling with the crowd and at one point gently squeezing her boyfriend's shoulder.

All very much appreciated by Rory.

"It's nice to see Caroline following me, " the Co Down born golfer told reporters.

The presence of the Dane on the course certainly debunked any talk of a split between Rory and Caroline.

But you couldn't blame the media for being confused after months of speculation and mixed signals.


But having spent last week together in the Maldives, Rory and Caroline have been very much a couple spending their time off the course playing tennis together.

However Caroline also revealed how she had joined Rory for a quick game of golf before the championship proper started.

She also has had some time to practice her tennis.

"'She started her pre-season training a couple of days ago and was on court at 7 o'clock for early practising before coming here to see me. So it's good to have her here,' he added.

Last month Rory sent out a tweet praising tennis player Caroline on the 21st title of her professional career.