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Caroline back home as Hollywood hopes fade

Former RTE star Caroline Morahan's Hollywood dreams appear to have been driven off the rails.

The television starlet headed for LA last year, with high hopes of making it big in Tinseltown.

Just eight months and a small role in an as-yet unreleased indie film later, and Caroline (33) is back.

However, with no avenue back into RTE -- after she was axed from Off The Rails -- things could have been a lot worse for the returning Caroline.

The brunette beauty has already landed a presenting job with TV3 in a new series entitled The Cosmetic Surgery Show: What A Load Of Botox.

It was only one year ago that Morahan famously left her Dublin life for the bright lights of Hollywood and announced her hope to "walk" into acting work.

Before her departure last year, she said: "I think there's lots of work out there if you put your mind to it so I'm hoping to walk into something.

"For a couple of years now, I have had a very large voice in my ear saying 'acting, acting, acting' and it just got too big to ignore.

"People keep asking me am I worried about the pressure to succeed but to be honest I have no attachment to the result, I think you have to go after these things or you'll always regret it," she said.

"I'm kind of looking on it as a year out, the way some people take a year to do their masters or travel.

"I love acting and I have to do this for myself," she added.

In spite of her big move, she was still regularly jetting back to the capital for various promotional work and regular visits to her tight knit family.