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Cardboard cut-out of Ben helps Una celebrate

THE Saturdays star Una Healy held a double celebration over the weekend with rugby boyfriend Ben Foden in tow -- thanks to Skype and a cardboard cut-out.

While England star Foden licked his wounds at the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, Una was turning on the style for her 30th birthday, which doubled as a baby shower.

The Diary can reveal that Una took a group of around 30 close friends and family to celebrity haunt Buck Whaleys.

And although boyfriend Ben Foden couldn't be there, the Tipperary singer received a special message from her beau, while half way across the world.

"Una's family and friends knew she was really disappointed that Ben couldn't be there. She was down in the dumps anyway because both Ireland and England lost in the Rugby World Cup so she really wanted to be with him," an insider said.

"When Una got to Bucks they had a laptop set up and they were calling Ben on Skype.

"He wished her a happy birthday at about 11pm and said he wished he could have been there for her birthday.

"It was really emotional for both of them and she was delighted to hear from him."

As well as speaking to the father-to-be online, Una's friends got a specially made cardboard cut-out of her beau and brought it into the nightclub, where her friends posed with the life-sized figure.

"It was hilarious. Una stood beside the cardboard cut-out and took some pictures.

"It wasn't just her 30th birthday, it was her baby shower too, so it was important to her," the insider added.

Before letting loose and enjoying some mocktails (alcohol free cocktails) at Buck Whaleys, Una and the gang enjoyed a special dinner for her baby shower. Although her Saturdays band mates weren't there Una still received dozens of gifts for herself and her unborn baby.

"It was a pity that the girls from the band couldn't come," a source added.

"Mollie King was presenting the BBC Teen Awards and the other girls all had commitments in the UK."

Although Una called it quits early on in the night, leaving her guests to party away until the early hours, the expectant mother took to Twitter to thank everyone for her wonderful night in Dublin.

"Had the best night last night," she wrote.

Una will now go full speed into rehearsing for The Saturdays' UK and Ireland tour which kicks off December 2. The band will land in Ireland on December 18 where they will play in Belfast, and will end their tour in Dublin's O2 on December 19.

Una said she isn't worried about performing during her pregnancy, saying that she still feels as energetic as ever.

"Apparently the first three months is when you are the most tired but I've been fine, still working away. Then you are supposed to get a burst of energy at six months and that's when we are on tour so that's perfect," she explained.