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Car smash and theft nightmare hits Voice star Gari

HE'S gearing up to perform in the first live round of RTE's The Voice tomorrow night -- but singing hopeful Gari Deegan couldn't have had a worse week.

The part-time DJ was devastated after he discovered a 42in plasma television he bought as a gift for his parents, as well as his camera and other personal items, were stolen from his car. And if that wasn't bad enough, the Justin Timberlake lookalike was left reeling when a car crashed into him as he was driving to see pals after a rehearsal on Wednesday.

A show insider revealed to the Herald that Assets model Gari was waiting at lights in Palmerstown when another car suddenly slammed into the side of his vehicle.


"The entire left side of the car was dented and both passenger doors are completely jammed shut. The car just came out of nowhere and flew into him. Luckily no one was hurt," said a source.

"Gari was really shaken up and wouldn't talk to anyone afterwards when he got back to the contestants' apartment.

"It's such been a very stressful week for him, but he handled it really well and just got on with things," a pal close to the singer added.