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Car Crash TV was Gaybo at his magnificent best

It was so good to see Gay Byrne doing what he does best. He was masterful in his role of presenter on TV3's documentary Inside A Car Crash.

This harrowing programme left no margin for doubt about the devastation caused by road accidents. There was no sensationalism, just clinical exactness from victims, paramedics, doctors, physiotherapists, plastic surgeons, mortuary attendants and anyone whose life is affected by road tragedies.

The facts were delivered in quiet tones with brutal honesty.

Gay Byrne returned to television several years ago, and there were mixed reactions to having him back on our screens. Some felt it was unfair that someone who had had a full and successful career should be taking the jobs of younger broadcasters who should be given a chance to shine.

Others felt this man brought an expertise to programmes that no one else could match. The fact that there was a huge loyalty to him meant that whatever he presented, it would be watched by hundreds of thousands. An easy shortcut for programme makers? It doesn't matter -- Gay Byrne delivers.

So praise be that he is where he should be. Not taking on the presidential race, and not sitting at home playing draughts with Kathleen. He is making television the way it should be made -- to entertain, to educate and to inform.