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Cape Town shooting won't stop Victoria

TV beauty Victoria Smurfit has revealed how she would love to go back to South Africa some day and has not been put off by her shooting horror.

The top actress told the Herald how she would definitely return to the troubled country again despite being shot at while travelling in a taxi in Cape Town last New Year's Eve.

"If they let me in again, I would definitely go back," she quipped.

"It was once described as a blighted paradise and that's the best description for it. You do have to be careful but it's a stunning place, the people were absolutely lovely and I'm not going to let what happened deter me from going back."

The blonde beauty, who appeared in About A Boy alongside hunk Hugh Grant and is presenting tomorrow night's IFTAs, was fired at while travelling in a taxi through the town with her brother Dermot Smurfit and their partners.

She sustained an injury to her elbow after the glass shattered and they reported the attack to the police.

Victoria later described the incident as being possibly linked to a 'kill the tourist' gang initiation ritual -- a claim which tourism chief Calvyn Gilfellan claimed was "ridiculous".

But Victoria stands by her claims and revealed that the initial investigation may have been hampered by the fact that their taxi driver Alvin Volkwyn did not tell police he was carrying passengers at the time because he wasn't licensed to.

"I wrote an article to get what happened out of my system and we were very confused at the time because what happened was so random. You don't expect to have a bullet shot at you at close range.

"Alvin slowed down when it happened and we thought there was going to be a robbery as they had time to pepper the car with bullets but they didn't bother," she continued.

"We later heard it was probably part of some gang initiation thing and may have been some 'take out a tourist' dare for a gang member. The police poo poo-ed this because of course it was terrible PR for the city and I completely understand. It is a stunning country but that doesn't stop bad things from happening there.

"Unfortunately Alvin told police that he was in a more expensive car than he was and did not have a licence to carry tourists in it and sadly he got busted and was released on bail for €40 which is a lot of money over there."

The driver of their car was subsequently arrested amid claims that he had 'defeated the ends of justice' for not telling police he was carrying any passengers.

In a statement, Cape Town's police spokesperson Randall Stoffels said Volkwyn was arrested for failing to disclose information which could have been imperative in their investigation.

He confirmed that a projectile had been taken from his vehicle for ballistics testing.