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Calum's a nobody in UK says PR guru Clifford...as Georgia's called a 'Slappa'

Dating Calum Best (30) may be a good move for a young wannabe -- but he's more of a zero than a hero when it comes to his financial pulling power.

That's according to PR guru Max Clifford, who has given his tuppence worth on the latest twist in the 'Calpa' romance after the lothario was linked with Donna Air.

It is very much a case of 'Georgia who?' for the kiss-and-tell king who told the Herald that the son of George Best has very little star cache in the UK anymore.

Calum, who has been dubbed a love rat, would be pushed to command a fee of more than €5,000 for news on his latest romance, Clifford said.

"An unknown girl could get a lot of coverage, particularly in Ireland with Calum Best, but he doesn't make much of the papers in Britain because it's always the same thing. There's a lot more interest in him in Ireland than in England," he told the Herald.

"His dad was famous because he had talent. Calum is famous because he is the son of someone who was talented and famous, a football star, so the interest only remains there for a short period of time.

"Unless he achieves something in TV or has some success, then every year he's slightly less known than the year before."

And he went on to say how allegations on him deceiving top model Georgia Salpa after being papped sneaking out of a London nightclub with blonde stunner Donna "didn't mean much over in England".

"He's not the force he was even five years ago," he continued. "I don't know what he was earning before but he would be lucky to get 10 grand now for gigs, probably closer to five grand -- unless the woman was very famous herself."

Asked if Calum had a reputation in Britain for trying to stage 'showmances', he referred to the unlikely romance between magician David Copperfield and Claudia Schiffer. He initially set up the supermodel with Copperfield and they ended up falling in love and getting engaged.

"I encouraged Dave and Claudia to get together and I got massive, worldwide coverage out of it, which was good for both of them. But to compare that with Calum Best and whoever the latest one is, it's like comparing Mount Everest to a local hill," he added.

And Georgia Salpa has received some attention in England -- but not necessarily in the way she might have liked.

The top model was accidently branded a 'slapper' by an English TV presenter.

Channel 5's Matthew Wright mixed up the Irish catwalk queen's name on his weekday show The Wright Stuff -- dubbing the beauty 'Slappa' instead of Salpa.

After correcting himself, the personality then followed his 'slip of the tongue' by describing the model as "an Irish reality TV show star".

Audience members roared with laughter as Wright led the conversation on why women prefer womanisers to gentlemen and showed a picture of the leggy brunette on screen for the crowds.