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Callan has no regrets over his Keating joke

comedian Oliver Callan has defended his decision to take a pop at Ronan Keating during a routine.

The mimic drew rapturous applause from fans with a risque skit featuring his impressions of stars including Jedward, Louis Walsh and Ronan Keating.

The routine had the audience in stitches when Nob Nation impressionist Oliver took off Ronan as he discussed his trip Down Under to appear on the Australian version of X Factor.

Oliver claims the gag was relevant to guests at the launch of Samsung's new 3D television at the Grand Canal Theatre, given that the Boyzone star has not been out of the headlines.

It emerged last Friday that Ronan and his former model wife Yvonne had split after her discovery of the singer's affair with dancer Francine Cornell.

"Ronan Keating is a good one for us at the moment," Oliver told the Herald. "We just had to cover it. I think people want to hear it because it's in the news.

"I had actually started doing Ronan, weirdly, on the Wednesday before the news (of his marriage break-up) broke, so it's the curse of Nob Nation striking again.

"That kind of stuff drives the show. We keep it very topical and we have a great team of writers behind us, there are a lot of knobs behind Nob Nation at the moment.

"Most of the characters are kind of topicality driven, like the Jedward thing. They've been great for us," he added.

Meanwhile Oliver admits that he and his Nob Nations colleagues are still feeling the loss of RTE broadcaster Gerry Ryan following his sudden death one month ago.

The impressionist explained how there is still a feeling of disbelief among those who worked with him.