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Call it puppy love, Aoibheann delighted with early gift

Fair City star Aoibheann McCaul was over the moon when her boyfriend presented her with a fluffy puppy as an early Christmas present.

"She's called Bailey and she's only twelve weeks old," she told the Herald.

"My boyfriend got her for me as a surprise. She's a Maltipoo – a cross between a Maltese and a poodle."

While Aoibheann is smitten with the tiny pup, she says she's definitely a handful.

"I have never had a dog before so it was a complete surprise. I love her but she is hard work," she said.

"I had a few nights were I wasn't able to sleep properly because she's only a baby so she is still getting used to my house and sleeping through the night."

As luck would have it, the teeny pooch seems to listen to her other half a lot more than Aoibheann.

"I don't live with my boyfriend so we have very different ways of handling her. She seems to listen to him a lot more," she said.

Aside from Bailey, Aoibheann says her favourite Christmas present of all time was Twinkles the Doll – a gift she received as a young girl.

"When you nodded her head her hair band lit up. I still have her in my attic," she said.



The 27-year-old actress is kicking off a presenting gig on Christmas FM. But she's nervous about taking to the airwaves.

"I have warned them that I am an absolutely rubbish presenter," she said. "I don't think I would do radio seriously in the future as I'm not that comfortable on air."

Aoibheann, who plays Caoimhe in Fair City, feels much more at home when she's in front of the camera.

"It's different than acting because you can be somebody else when you're acting. I'm still not sure how to be myself," she added.

The actress says she would love to follow in her pal Aoibhinn Garrihy's footsteps and do more theatre work in the future, saying: "It would be amazing to act at The Gate or do some work with Druid."