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Cagney has 'Andy Gray moment' with quip to Anna

HE MAY not attract as much attention as the now-infamous Sky Sports pair, but Mark Cagney has shown he's also capable of putting his foot in it.

The TV3 breakfast show presenter was at the centre of his own TV controversy today after urging co-presenter Anna Daly to wear hot pants live on air.

Then to excuse the embarrassing faux pas, he admitted to having an "Andy Gray moment".

The Ireland AM frontman remarked to his colleague about how she could get away with wearing the skimpy shorts after they featured in a fashion slot.

He then looked directly into the camera and said how he was having "a bit of an Andy Gray moment", to which Anna quipped how she was going to HR, just before the shows' credits started rolling.

However, leggy Anna told the Herald how it was all said very tongue-in-cheek and they both laughed it off at the time, with no offence caused.

The comment was made as Anna, who is currently filling in for Sinead Desmond, presented the latest fashion news with model Michele McGrath.

Towards the end of the segment, Nadia Forde came out wearing a pair of denim hotpants as part of a 'Glee chic' look.


This prompted Michele and Anna to discuss how, if viewers weren't brave enough to wear them with bare legs, they could team them with opaque tights.

When Anna rejoined Mark on the couch, they started talking about the merits of wearing shorts, when he made the comment.

"We were doing the rounds of the papers and talking about the whole Sky Sports debacle earlier," Anna explained.

"Then we did the fashion slot. I joined Mark on the couch afterwards and at the very end, he said 'what's the chance of you wearing a pair of hot pants like that?' I said, 'I don't think I would be brave enough' and he said how we always get requests in from viewers asking to see more of your legs.

"Then he looked into the camera and said he was having a bit of an Andy Gray moment and I joked how I was going straight to HR.

"It was all totally harmless and came in the context of us discussing the Andy Gray thing. You do have to be so careful on TV these days but it was all tongue-in-cheek."

She also said she had no first-hand experience of chauvinism at the hands of male colleagues.

"I wouldn't be hyper sensitive about those kind of things. I'm well able to hold my own and have a laugh back. I suppose it all depends on your experiences in life.

"The same comment could be said to two different people and depending on their own view, they could take it completely differently."

A winner of the TV Personality of the Year, dad-of four Cagney has hosted the morning show for more than 10 years.

He declined to comment on the incident when contacted by the Herald.

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