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...but Bonnie says she'd love to be 'the Irish RiRi'

BONNIE RYAN hopes to become Ireland's answer to pop sensation Rihanna. The 20-year-old daughter of late broadcaster Gerry Ryan says she would love to channel some of RiRi's sexy 'reggaeton' vibe into her upcoming album.

Bonnie, who writes her own music, has graduated from Ballymun College of Music and is a big fan of the Diamonds singer. "I absolutely adore Rihanna, I'm obsessed with her and think everything she does is amazing," she told The Herald.

"She's a big inspiration for me and I think I have some of that reggae sound in my music. Love Me Now is my favourite of my own songs and I think it's quite 'vibe-y'. It's a great song to dance to. I'm also a big fan of Beyonce," she added.


"A lot of my friends are heading off for the whole summer but I want to spend some time working on my album. When I started at music college, I found it really difficult writing my own lyrics but it got easier and I really enjoy it," she said.

With elder sister Lottie carving out a broadcasting career and Rex about to graduate from the Gaiety School of Acting, Bonnie admits: "we all like performing."

Bonnie has just returned from a holiday in New York. "I was there for a week with one of my friends. It was my sixth time there, I love it," she said. She's just teamed up with Skoda to be the new face of their Fabia Monte Carlo car.