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Busy year ahead after a magical Christmas the family will never forget

THIS year is going to be a busy one! We've got the movie coming out in June and our tour of Australia kicks off in February.

It's going to be all systems go, so my wife Amanda and I wanted to make this Christmas really special for the kids (right). As a surprise we took Blake (3) and Jamie (7) to Lapland to meet Santa.

We went for three days and it was magical. We were staying in a log cabin in the middle of the forest and went on sleigh rides and husky rides.

Meeting Santa was amazing – we went out to this cave in the middle of the forest. All the elves were there and then we met Santa. It was beautiful; I'll definitely head back next year.

I live in Donegal and I love it up here. I don't think I'll ever move back to Dublin but we always make sure to spend Christmas Eve with my sister and Dad down in Dublin.

I met Amanda, who plays Betty Brown in the show, when I was 17 and gigging up in Donegal. I used to pop into the bar she worked every day until she finally decided to give me a go. And now she's part of the Mrs Brown's family.

On New Year's Eve, we headed into Letterkenny to the Yellow Pepper for dinner with the kids and then it was back home. It was a pretty laid-back New Year's Eve watching Alan Carr's Chatty Man with the wife and mother-in-law.


I was very well behaved but it was a late one the following day. I'm a massive football fan and a hardcore Liverpool supporter. So on Wednesday, I headed to McGilligan's Pub to spend the day watching football.

The Mrs Brown's Christmas Special and New Year's Special went out this week and last week. They were great fun to film what with the parrot and Agnes getting stuck on the Christmas tree.

My eldest son Jamie plays Bono in the show – after it went out tons of people were calling him up and congratulating him. He gets more attention than I do.

A lot of people come up to me and say 'Alright Buster'. I'm always a bit surprised when people think I'm actually the character I play – I'd like to think I dress a bit better then he does!

He may only be three years but I know Blake wants a part in the show so we'll have to try and squeeze him into next year's Christmas Special.

People ask me what it's like working with your family but I've never known any different to be honest. I've always been on the road with them and in a way I think I'm really lucky.

There have been lots of talks to do travel shows with Paddy Houlihan who plays Dermot Brown but at the moment I'm just thinking about the Australian tour. Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie is all wrapped and Dad is in the edit suite working away on it. I haven't seen any of it – Dad won't let any of us take a look at it. He's very strict about that.

The movie will be out on June 25 and I'm sure there will be plenty of parties to celebrate.