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Bullies will not hurt me – Shahira

Irish model Shahira Barry has hit out at online "bullies" after her profile appeared on a dating website.

A picture of the single model, tagged as "Rain, 25", has appeared on dating app Blendr. While the sultry brunette is looking for love, she says the profile was put up without her knowledge and not for the first time.

The 23-year-old, who spent the summer lapping up sunshine in Hugh Heffner's Playboy Mansion, is blaming the profile on a group of former pals, whom she has labelled as "pathetic".

"There is one small group of ex-friends that are constantly taking digs at me on the internet and just going out of their way to try to hurt my feelings," Shahira told the Diary.

"The fact that these are people I used to be friends with does make it a lot more hurtful compared to if it was just a random stranger posting nasty things on the net."

But the Galway girl says that she hasn't been letting the taunts get to her.

Shahira is not giving up on becoming a top thespian and recently joined acting agency Talent Base as well as signing up for acting classes.

"They got in touch when I got back from America and was on Ireland AM," she said.

Shahira is hoping that the move will bring more TV work her way.

"I'm trying to build a strong show reel and build my website and YouTube profile," she said.