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'Bullied' star didn't study here - school

The exclusive private school in which child star Saoirse Ronan claims she was given "a hard time" said today that she didn't even attend lessons there.

The Lovely Bones actress became entangled in controversy after she was reported as saying that she left Kilkenny College after being bullied.

However, in response to questions from the Herald, the school says she never went there.

The teenage actress said at the weekend that she left Protestant school Kilkenny College because she was getting a "hard time" over being famous, and was bullied by other students.

The Oscar nominee explained that she felt it was a "shame" she had to leave the school because of the fact that students were bullying her over her fame.

"I only stayed a while. It wasn't really working out," she said. "The school is a good school and the people who go there are good people. But when your schoolmates recognise you before they've met you, it can make things very awkward and difficult. It's a shame."

However, representatives for the school have hit back at the accusations made by the star, saying that she never attended the school, and have been left "surprised" by her claims.

A school spokesperson said: "We are very surprised at this article. Saoirse Ronan never attended any classes in Kilkenny College."

A representative for Saoirse claims that the actress was misquoted and "never said that".

The 15-year-old Carlow native is currently in town for the premiere of her new film.