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Brotherly love for rugby heroes as Rob and Dave share swanky city pad

MOST Irish women would love to be a fly on the wall in this bachelor pad.

Irish rugby stars Rob and Dave Kearney grew up together, play together and off the pitch they're pretty close too.

The Six Nations-winning brothers are the best of pals and live together in a swanky apartment in Dublin's Docklands.

Dave (24) is loved-up with long-term model girlfriend Hayley Ryan and Rob is still regularly linked to his ex-partner, actress Susie Amy.

But the Louth brothers prefer to live together, though Rob admitted that the pair didn't always see eye to eye.

"We used to kill each other, but we live together and work together and are always around each other so it's important we get on well," Rob told the Diary.


Model Hayley is a regular visitor to the city centre pad, and Rob said his brother's relaxed manner makes for an easy living arrangement.

He said: "Dave is very low-key and laid-back and he's an easy guy to get on well with.

"He says I boss him around but I don't really. I try not to, but the older brother thing comes out from time to time."

If living together and working together wasn't enough, the brothers have also embarked on their own business venture – snapping up a popular Dublin pub.

They've joined forces with fellow rugby internationals Sean O'Brien and Jamie Heaslip to buy D4 haunt Bellamy's, a stone's throw from the Aviva Stadium.

Meanwhile, Rob (27) said that winning the Six Nations was made all the sweeter by being able to lift the cup alongside his brother.

"It is always really sweet winning trophies with friends and it's even nicer to win with your brother," he said.

"We are the only brothers to win so I think we will appreciate it more when we look back in 10 years' time."

Despite the momentous win, Rob said he won't be spending the next few weeks painting the town red, and it is already back to the day job for some of his colleagues.

The full-back will be turning on the charm this Mother's Day after he agreed to front the Mum Taxi campaign which will give one mother the chance to win €1,000 and have gorgeous Rob drive her around for the day.

Rob also paid tribute to his own mum, Siobhan, for her endless car journeys and support of him and his siblings. "Parents need so much credit. She was always carting me and Dave and my brother Richard and sister around the place," he said.