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Broken nose, five stitches and sore tonsils -- Kristi's been in the wars

SPARE a thought for poor model Kristi Kuudisiim who really has been in the wars lately.

The Diary can reveal how the curvy Estonian-born beauty (29) took a tumble recently and was left with some serious injuries to her lovely features. She ended up with a broken nose, five stitches and a concussion after the accident.

"I fell down, split my forehead and broke my nose," she said. But she added how she was being "well looked after" and was going to be more careful in future.

As if all that weren't enough, she was also admitted to St Vincent's Hospital this week to have her tonsils removed. The blonde beauty, who's with Andrea Roche's agency, is one of our best-known plus-size models and hit the headlines after deciding to boost her already considerable curves with some buttock implants.

"I think certain women can definitely relate to me more than other models," she says.

"If I'm size 14 and I'm wearing a nice dress, they're like, 'Oh, maybe I can wear that'."