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Britney plans are pole axed

Britney Spears cancelled a booking for a top Dublin hotel because they refused to co-operate with her demands for a stripper pole, the Herald can reveal.

The 27-year-old Womanizer star requested that an exclusive hotel on the capital's southside install a steel pole during her brief stay in the city for her sell-out Circus tour.

But when the venue declined, her minders promptly booked into the apparently more accommodating Four Seasons Hotel instead.

A source revealed the mum-of-two is a keen pole dancer, as it apparently helps her keep her figure in tip-top shape and she can also work out in the privacy of her own room.

The source said: "She adores working out on a pole as it helps her keep toned during her tour.

"She has had to work very hard to squeeze back into those tiny stage costumes and she knows she has to stay on top of her regime. Britney can't let her weight creep back up as this is the most important tour of her career and she has to stay in peak physical condition.

"A request was made to Britney's original hotel in Dublin to see if they could install a pole there during her four-day stay there, but they refused point blank.

"They're well used to having major celebrities star there and they're happy to accommodate them, but this was just a step too far."


There are just two days left before the second Circus tour in the space of a week rolls into town, when Britney and her sizeable entourage arrive into the capital.

She will perform two monster sell-out dates in the O2 arena, and huge preparations are under way to ensure that her performance is flawless this weekend.

A massive security entourage will surround the vulnerable star at all times during her stay in the capital city, as soon as she arrives in here this weekend. But do not expect to see her hitting any of the celebrity clubs during her stay here -- she is under strict orders from her protective father Jamie not to indulge in any boozing while she is in Dublin.

He has laid down the same diktat for the rest of her world tour to ensure that she performs to the best of her ability. And given Britney's racy stage act, it is little wonder that she has requested a stripper poll for her bedroom suite.

Ticket holders can expect to see her donning a blindfold, a sexy dominatrix outfit and wielding a whip before being thrown into a cage by muzzled, leather-clad men.

The last time she was here was back in 2004 when she came here as part of her European tour with her then-boyfriend Kevin Federline.

But the star has now found love again with agent Jason Trawick.


This week, the star stressed that she was still "the same old silly Britney" after recovering from a hellish two years of showbiz mayhem.

The star says despite a bruising divorce battle and temporarily losing custody of her two boys, she has been spat out the other side of fame in one piece.

She said: "I don't think it's changed me at all.

"I'm more experienced now and I've learned a lot, but I don't think it's changed me.

"I'm still the same old silly Britney."