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Brian's pop at Bucks sparks row

RTE presenter Brian Ormond has described the station's homegrown series Hardy Bucks as the "greatest load of s*** ever".

Ormond has risked the ire of his Montrose bosses by publicly hitting out at comedy show.

And he has already got a backlash from the actors.

"Is it just me," Brian (right) asked his 10,000 Twitter followers, "or is Hardy Bucks the greatest load of s*** ever on TV?"

Actor Martin Maloney, who plays the lead role of Eddie Durkan, retweeted Ormond's comment, and claimed that he was "only jealous". While Owen Colgan (Buzz O'Donnell) asked Ormond to detail what he had achieved in his career. "We got two series, and a feature out of it Brian," Colgan said. "Don't see you up to much."