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Brian's career in trouble -- Max

BRIAN McFadden should stay put in Australia or return home, as he has no chance of a successful career in the UK, PR guru Max Clifford has said.

Once a member of chart topping Westlife, Brian's star quality has sunk outside of Australia or Ireland, the showbiz guru said.

His comments come days after Australian TV network Seven announced it planned to axe Australia's Got Talent on which Brian stars as a judge.

The newly-wed is now left without a high-profile gig.

But Max Clifford said that it is not the end of the road for Brian.

"Brian has still got a chance in Australia, he has still got a chance in Ireland -- that is where people know him," Max told the Herald.

"It is about the right opportunity coming up and having the right people around him, representing him, who know about the right openings.

"In Australia he has been in some very high profile shows and he is still a big name.

"But he has a better chance in Australia and Ireland than he would in the UK.

"People don't really know who he is. People might remember the name from Westlife -- but as a solo artist he didn't have as much success.

"His best chances are definitely in Australia or Ireland."

Brian (32) recently wed Dublin model Vogue Williams in Italy.

And his two children with first wife Kerry Katona -- Molly (11) and nine-year-old Lilly -- live in the UK with their mother, regularly visiting the Dublin home of Brian's parents.

Max was once Kerry Katona's representative, but said that he has since lost touch.

"I haven't spoken to Kerry in over a year. I don't know her thoughts on this." he said.

Brian relocated to Australia several years ago and decided to remain on after splitting with Delta Goodrem.

Brian wished his co-stars Dannii Minogue and Kyle Sandilands on Australia's Got Talent all the best and said it was "fun while it lasted".

The singer is due to support Irish singer Ronan Keating who is also Down Under on his Fires tour.

And Brian and his new bride Vogue are currently filming a pilot for a new reality TV series.

It is expected that the series will take a similar format to MTV's Newlyweds.