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Brian will struggle to watch my sexy scenes, says Amy

BRIAN O'DRISCOLL will find it difficult watching wife Amy Huberman's sex scenes in her new comedy Threesome, the actress admitted.

The Irish rugby captain gave Amy his support last night at the Irish premiere for the Comedy Central sitcom which will see Amy's character take drugs, drink heavily and have sex with her boyfriend and flatmate -- and that's all in episode one. But Amy said that people hoping for raunchy scenes will be disappointed.

"It is the most risque thing I've done but I think people are going to be sorely let down. There is some stuff in the first episode but after that I'm effectively pregnant. I'm off the drink and drugs for the rest of the series so it's kind of tame after that.

"But yes there is some strong language and drug and alcohol use but that's it at the start," she said.

Amy (32) will be stripping down in the first episode, which will see her sleep with her boyfriend and their best friend after a drunken night out.


Speaking to the Herald, Amy said her husband was relieved that the nation won't get to see her in the nude but will find it hard to watch her sex scenes.

"He was just glad that you won't actually get to see a threesome. He said 'get your bra out all you like', but no, the scenes can't be easy to watch for a non actor. But he is hugely supportive of any job I have chosen to do," she said.

Brian has already met Amy's onscreen boyfriend, actor Stephen Wight who joked the rugby star let him know who was boss.

"I had the most pressure on my shoulders playing the boyfriend. But I met Brian and he gave me a very firm handshake, it was all in the eyes. But he's a great guy," Stephen said.

And it looks like this could be the start of many racy roles for Amy. The actress admitted that she still doesn't know where the cut off-point is when it comes to nudity and sex scenes.

"I can't ever really know what my cut off-point will be. I wouldn't take nudity and sex scenes lightly. But it's a huge part of life and of story telling," she said.

The former Clinic star admitted that she won't be ruling out a move to London if the show does well. The cast will find out if they get a second series in the next few weeks.

"I love London and I always consider London my second home, plus my dad's a Londoner.

"But we are here for the moment and it's so accessible I was flying over and back all summer.

"It's definitely doable."

Not wanting to take away from his wife's turn in the spotlight last night, Brian tried his best to stay under the radar at the screening.

But his other half said she was proud to watch him play in the Rugby World Cup.

"There were so many fans there. I am so proud of them, the team did us proud. Obviously we all wanted it to last a little bit longer but it wasn't meant to be."