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Brian may be a flop, but his mum and dad are fab -- Kerry

KERRY KATONA has paid tribute to Brian McFadden's Dublin parents, Mairead and Brendan, for their devotion to her two girls Molly (10) and Lily Sue (9).

However, she has blasted the former Westlife star for his attitude to parenting.

"Molly and Lily are flying over tomorrow and staying here for a week with their nan and grandad so they're over here quite a lot with Brian's mum and dad.

"Brian lives in Australia but I can't fault Brian's mum and dad. They're fantastic grandparents and they absolutely dote on Molly and Lily," she said.

When asked about Brian's parenting skills, she added: "Can I be really honest? I don't know Brian. He lives in Australia and I think he sees his kids twice a year. It does upset me -- massively.

"I came from a broken home and it really annoys me how someone can just up and abandon their kids on the other side of the world.


"I could never do it to my kids. It upsets me for my babies and I'm upset because I've always got to pay all these school fees on my own as well."

Kerry went on to describe herself on the RTE's The Daily Show as an "honorary Irishwoman" after flying in to Dublin to appear on the show.

She revealed how she first found her love of acting after appearing in the lead role of 2005 RTE drama Showbands as a bar cleaner named Denise.

"If felt so easy for me to act because of everything I've been through in my life. really, really enjoyed it. I was working with Liam Cunningham, he taught me a hell of a lot," she explained.