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Brian in good hands after operation with Pippa playing nurse

IT looks like we'll be seeing a lot less of model Pippa O'Connor on the social scene in the coming weeks as she nurses her fiance Brian Ormond back to health.

The doting Assets beauty has cleared her schedule to take care of her hubby-to-be, who had to undergo a painful operation last week.

The Kildare beauty (25) explained how Brian is currently laid up at their home in Newcastle, Co Dublin.

"Brian had veneers fitted years ago but he had to have them taken out," she explained. "It was a major operation as they had to cut into his gums and remove one of his front teeth in order to fit the new ones.

"He's been in agony with it and hasn't been able to eat anything so I've been looking after him.

"It's going to take him a while to recover, it will probably be August by the time he's back to himself so we'll be living the quiet life until then," she added.

And Pippa went on to explain how her beau of two-and-a-half years has decided to pursue television presenting work in the UK following RTE's decision to revamp its Young People's Department next autumn.

However, she was quick to rule out a permanent move overseas, revealing how Brian (30) plans to commute between his Dublin home and his new base of London for work commitments.

According to the model: "Brian loved his time with RTE and all the people and friends he met there but he's decided to concentrate on getting some work in the UK now.

"He already has a couple of things on the go so he'll be commuting back and forth when it all takes off in the autumn.

"We have the house here in Dublin so we definitely won't be moving permanently.

"If Brian needed to be over there for a long period of time there would be nothing wrong with me spending a couple of days in London each week and the rest in Ireland.

"I have my own work projects to think about here so I couldn't go full-time."

In the meantime, the couple will be busy planning their much anticipated wedding, set to take place next summer.

Pippa explained how they have now set a date and confirmed a venue for the showbiz bash, but insists she will not be revealing any of the details until closer to the big day.

The leggy catwalk queen went on to explain how she picked up a few tips from newlyweds Amy Huberman and Brian O'Driscoll following coverage of their star-studded wedding at Lough Rynn Castle in Mohill.

"I only saw some of the pictures but I thought Amy looked great," she said.

"I don't really want to talk too much about our own wedding for now as it's still a full year away.

"People will be bored about hearing it by the time it comes around.

"We've got our venue now. That's all I'm saying."