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Brian bites back at Aslan's Christy over Voice criticism

SINGER Brian Kennedy has blasted Aslan frontman Christy Dignam and hit back at criticism that The Voice Of Ireland coaches are using the show to promote their own careers.

Defending his performance of his new single on the series last weekend, Brian (45) told the Herald that the mentors are simply "putting our money where our mouth is".

Brian explained it is appropriate for the mentors to get on stage to prove to both audiences and their contestants that they are not just dishing out advice for the "fun of it" and can actually back up their judging with talent.


"At the end of the day, singing is at the centre of what I'm doing. It was great to get up there and be on the other side of things. There's always that part of me as a coach that just wants to be on stage."

He responded to Christy (52), who said: "This is the programme of all the programmes that wasn't going to be the X Factor and was just going to be about the voice.

"It's all about the judges. I can't name one contestant on the show.

"And now you have the judges releasing their singles on The Voice? That's not cool. Have a bit of dignity ... a bit of pride about your stuff.

"If you look at The Voice, who has the most fame out of it, who is it about? The judges -- and it's not supposed to be."