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Brian and Vogue put in the footwork for new show

CELEBRITY couple Brian McFadden and Vogue Williams are rehearsing up to five hours a day as they prepare for a new ITV dance show to rival BBC's Strictly Come Dancing.

The husband and wife team will celebrate their first wedding anniversary next September 2 competing in show, Stepping Out which challenges celebrities and their real-life partners to learn how to dance.

"It's a dance show, it's on Saturday nights and its prime time," Vogue said. "We have a choreographer that teaches me and Brian to do a routine together. So, it's two crap dancers, with a really good teacher basically."

But with literally millions of viewers expected to tune in, the Irish couple are desperate to avoid any slip-ups.

"I'm fine doing live TV if you're talking, but if you're dancing, and you're not dancing well, it can be really embarrassing," Vogue told the Irish Tatler.

The couple revealed that one of the reasons they decided to sign up for the new show was in order for the UK public to see the "real Brian McFadden".

"England only really knows Brian by what they've read in the papers, so it's a great way, especially for him, for people to see what he actually is like," Vogue said.

And the former model turned DJ (27) has revealed that despite now being married a year, her romance with Brian (33) remains as intense and they spend all their free time together – something which has made rehearsing together for their new dance show all the more easier.

"I think this is the closest any couple in the world could get when working together!" she said.

Meanwhile also in September Vogue will be presenting a documentary celebrating 25 years of Aussie soap Home and Away for RTE.