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bressie: I won't be bullied

Former Blizzards frontman Bressie is facing fierce competition from his fellow judges on The Voice because they are out to beat him.

Sharon Corr, Kian Egan and new judge Jamelia are determined that the Mullingar native won't win the series for the second year running.

"They are ganging up on Bressie a little bit," The Voice producer Larry Bass said.

"Jamelia and Kian have formed some sort of alliance and they're both determined Bressie won't win again. But it's all very good natured," Bass insisted.

Last year, Pat Byrne was named the winner of The Voice of Ireland. Carlow native Pat was coached by Bressie and is in the process of launching his debut album End Of The World.

Producer Bass said that the talent this year was just as high and that the judges were even more competitive.

"Of course it's going to get competitive," he said. "These are all very successful artists and musicians, they're naturally competitive people."

Earlier this month, Bressie admitted that there was a lot of 'ribbing' backstage. "You need a thick skin, there's a lot of slagging and ribbing each other backstage at the Helix," he said.

And surprisingly it's Sharon who has the quickest wit and the sharpest tongue. "Sharon's the worst," Niall said.

"She looks like butter wouldn't melt but she can really give it out. She's great craic.

"We're always having a laugh and taking the p*** out of each other backstage. And taking the p*** out of ourselves, but I think that's good to do."

And it seems that new edition Jamelia can dish it out as good as the rest. "I think she's fantastic," said Bass.

"She's a dynamo. She adds a new dimension and new energy to the show which is brilliant. She fits in like a hand in glove."