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Bressie and Danny to form 'hit factory'

TV judge and musician Niall Breslin is joining forces with The Coronas star Danny O'Reilly for his new album.

The Diary can reveal how Bressie has become friends with the frontman after getting to know him through Danny's MTV star girlfriend Laura Whitmore during their time in London.

And the popular pair are now determined to create an "Irish hit factory" in the British capital.

"I have only just started writing the album but myself and Danny are going to work together for part of it," he said.

"I think he's an incredible melody writer and we're both here in London. We both love writing our own songs and I think we both compliment each other, style-wise, so it should be good."

And the star, who's back here on Thursday to play a gig in the Academy also said he would to sign up for another series of The Voice.

"There has been talk about series two but I'm not sure what's been confirmed yet," he said.