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Brendan's courting curvy models

FASHION guru Brendan Courtney has said Irish women shouldn't feel under pressure to become a size zero.

Speaking to the Diary, the top style advisor admitted women in Ireland are under huge pressure to slim down, but he wants women to embrace their curves. In the new series of Off The Rails, Brendan and co-host Sonya Lennon (right) will have a new segment focusing on how to dress for your body shape, rather than focusing on size.

The RTE star has admitted that his favourite part of his job is complimenting women on their style.

"I really like what I do. I realised what it is I really love doing, I love making women feel beautiful. Whether giving a compliment or styling something for them or telling someone on the street they look great, I randomly stop women on the street all the time.

"I don't say it lightly, though, I will only say it if I mean it. But I remember as a kid I just loved dressing my mum, we were a big complimenting family. That's why a lot of what we are doing on the new series of Off The Rails is about body shape and not fashion trends.

"The stick models out there are what is being represented but there are lots of different shapes and sizes out there," he explained.

The top Irish stylist also revealed that his next venture will see him search for Ireland's next top hat designer as he hosts a competition called Who Wants To Be A Milliner.