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Brendan left red-faced by boozy antics at TV awards

Style guru Brendan Courtney has admitted he is embarrassed by his boozy bad behaviour during the star-studded Walkers TVNow Awards.

The Off The Rails presenter was given a dressing down by organisers for heckling and talking loudly throughout the ceremony at the Mansion House on Saturday night.

But the popular RTE star (36) told the Herald he was "mortified" by the experience and insisted his inappropriate behaviour was down to the fact he was having such a good time catching up with old pals at the event.

"We were being loud and laughing a lot so someone just came over and asked us to keep it down, so we apologised and I thought that was the end of it -- but I would be mortified if I caused offence to anyone there.

"We had a great night, it was really good fun but I did get very drunk. I was with a group of friends that I haven't seen in a long time including Katherine Lynch and Brian Dowling and we embraced the night as a good chance for a catch up.

"I went straight home after the awards because I was so worse for wear. I hope I haven't caused any harm and I would be mortified if I offended anyone," he added.

A source told the Herald that Brendan was singled out as the troublemaker among his table of big personalities and given a "serious warning" from organisers that he would be "thrown out" if he continued to disrupt the awards.


"Brendan is a seasoned guest at events like this so people were a little shocked by his attitude. He might find that he will not be invited next year," the source added.

Good-natured Brendan admitted he may have let his hair down too far at the event but said it was all in good fun.

"I love the TVNow Awards because they are a more relaxed affair than other events," he said.

Meanwhile, it proved to be an unlucky night for Brendan all around as his risk-taking in the fashion stakes also failed to win over critics.

The Dubliner, who is widely regarded as one of Ireland's top style figures, wore a customised tuxedo with cropped sleeves and trousers.

"I like to wear things like that. It might be something we'll see in the future on the streets of Dublin.

"I customised it myself," he added.

Brendan's wild night out followed a long day of working for the popular presenter, who hosted proceedings at the inaugural Wedding Fair at the D4 Berkeley Hotel all day on Saturday.