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Brendan jets out to the sun for new Mrs Brown inspiration

MRS Brown will be leaving her boys behind after Christmas to spend two months in Florida.

Comedian Brendan O'Carroll will be jetting off to script a third series of his cult show for the BBC.

The Dublin funnyman, who created Mrs Brown's Boys, has described having the show recommissioned as "an extra-ordinary Christmas present".

Despite not having aired the second series yet, the BBC were so impressed, they have already given the green light for the new installment with Brendan flying off to draw on his inner muse.

"I'm going to be there for 60 days in total just for the usual R&R and to start writing the third series. The reaction has been amazing, just phenomenal -- it's just too much for the white man," he quipped.

Due to appear on RTE's Late Late Show tonight, he took time out of his busy schedule to lend his support to the annual Crumlin Children's Hospital celebrity ward walk.

He was there with his family and sitcom co-stars wife Jenny, son Danny O'Carroll as well as his TV son Rory Cowan.


Brendan admitted to the Herald that it was a cause very close to his heart and he was happy to help out.

"Everybody in the country at some stage will know someone or come into contact themselves with Crumlin Children's Hospital or Temple Street," he said. "In the last couple of years, as we see our health service being eroded bit by bit, Crumlin depends more and more on fundraising. I think it's terrible that we have to do it to raise funds but everybody owes a debt to this hospital and I'm delighted to do it.

"It also means Christmas to me and there's not a single time I don't walk out of here and I remember how lucky I am, with all my kids being healthy."

He added: "I lost my first son when he was only a few days old but we never had any long-term illnesses thank God."

It was recently revealed that the big-hearted comedian has donated €50,000 to St Vincent de Paul after having such a successful year, with Mrs Brown, who will be celebrating her 20th anniversary next year.