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Brendan gets a bit shorty at Republic of Telly's faux pas

REPUBLIC of Telly has many fans -- but it doesn't understand the "language of fashion", according to Off The Rails host Brendan Courtney.

While he's glad to see the programme return tonight for a new series on RTE Two, Brendan's still smarting over the series' taunts aimed at his show.

Brendan (39) has spoken up for the now famous dictum "How Roisin Murphy is that?"

The phrase was originally uttered by co-star Sonya Lennon on RTE's Off The Rails over a year ago. And since then it's been a source of comedy gold for The Republic of Telly's pranksters.

But Brendan was quick to defend the statement. "There is a language to fashion. And it's a language a lot of people don't understand and can't speak. And taken out of context it can seem pretentious or trite," he told the Herald.

Adding that the sketch was "very funny, Brendan said: "We all laughed about it -- but it was taken out of context. And that made all the difference."

Brendan said that the comment may seem affected, but within the series it was "a fantastic way of describing a look."

Asked if presenter Dermot Whelan had the capacity to grasp the language of fashion, Republic of Telly producer James Cotter said "I don't want to comment on that."