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Brenda Fricker: I'm broke

THE Oscar-winning star of My Left Foot reveals she has spent all her savings -- and is in therapy after a lifelong battle with depression.

OSCAR-winning actress Brenda Fricker has revealed that she is completely broke.

Despite her huge career the My Left Foot star says she is far from living the high life.

"I lived off my savings while they lasted, but now I'm completely broke," the 67-year-old has admitted.

But Fricker says as long as she can feed her dog and herself, things aren't so bad.

"As long as I can have a roof over my head and feed the dog and feed myself, I'm perfectly content," she said.

Fricker's life has been filled with ups and downs. While she is one of Ireland's most acclaimed actresses, she has suffered from serious bouts of depression.

Speaking to Sky Arts programme Living The Life, which airs on November 6, the Dubliner explains how she now visits a therapist.

"I suffered from depression for 50 years," the former Casualty star said.

"But now I go to a therapist once a week, purely to have a conversation and to hear another human voice."

Earlier this year Fricker admitted that she had attempted suicide 32 times. She said: "You get so bloody tired of nobody listening to you.".

The star went on to say that she would hate to live to the ripe old age of 100.

"I'm not that keen on life. I'm not a high-energy person," she said.

"I enjoy the very small things in life and I toddle from day to day, and some days are great and some days are not so great. I don't want to live to be 100."

The Sky show, which is now in its second series, sees two famous people interview one another.

Brenda was being interviewed by actress Anna Friel (36). Other stars featured in the series include actors John Hurt and James Nesbitt and Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman.

During the interview Brenda also talks about how she felt ostracised from the Irish film and television industry and her volatile relationship with her mother.

The frank admission about her finances and her life doesn't come as a complete surprise. The actress, who recently appeared in Glenn Close's film Albert Nobbs, has never been afraid to speak her mind.

Earlier this year she blasted Republic of Telly star Jennifer Maguire and the Irish Film and Television Awards.

"The people who were presenting it were disgraceful," she said. "Those young people got everything wrong. It was a mess. I was cringeing in my seat."