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Breffny is fired after long-distance love's parents google him

FORMER Apprentice star Breffny Morgan has been told 'you're fired' by his American girlfriend -- after her parents googled the reality star.

Cork-born Breffny, who shot to fame on the TV3 series fronted by Bill Cullen, told the Diary how he was heartbroken when his long-distance love dumped him by email last month.

And Breffny (23) explained how it was her parents who put their foot down about the relationship.

"I had actually settled down for the last couple of months after rekindling a romance with my ex," he explained.

"I decided I had enough of the social scene and wanted to be with someone who actually likes me for who I am.

"She had been over here a couple of times and I had been back to the States, but then her parents googled me and advised their daughter not to see me anymore.

"It's annoying because I'm being judged on the way the show was edited and some of the nasty press that was written about me.

"But I don't regret doing the show at all. I had a fantastic year and learned a lot in a short time," he added.

Breffny set tongues wagging last weekend when he turned up to the Walkers TVNow Awards with brunette beauty Leah Thomas on his arm.

However, the ex-Harvard student was adamant that the pair are merely friends.

"Leah is an up and coming presenter and we were both invited on our own so we decided to go together.

"She cleared off with Jedward halfway through the night and abandoned me.

"I ended up bumping into Geraldine [O'Callaghan] from the show and we had a bit of a chat and cleared the air. We even had a bit of a hug at the end.

"I haven't seen her in a long time and she looked very well.

"There was a small bit of tension there after the show but I think it was the media stunting our relationship more than anything," he added.

The aspiring television star will be gracing the small screen once more next month when he takes part in TV3's Celebrity Salon series alongside Brian Dowling, Pippa O'Connor, Leigh Arnold, Virginia Macari and Celia Holman Lee.

Breffny, who was famed for his quirky one-liners and love of the ladies on the Apprentice, has promised that viewers will be in for a few more laughs when the programme hits the small screen.

Aimed at filling the gap in the schedule that was earmarked for Celebrity Apprentice, the show will be officially launched next Thursday at an invite-only event at Cafe en Seine.

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