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Breaking up helped me lose weight says Elaine

TV3 presenter Elaine Crowley has revealed that her split with her long-term boyfriend has aided her dramatic weight loss.

The brunette beauty, who stood in for Colette Fitzpatrick on TV3's Midday on Monday, said that last year was "tough" but is upbeat about the coming year.

"On a positive note, my break-up has no doubt helped with my recent weight loss, given that I've lost two stone since September," she said.

"Usually, if I'm upset I comfort eat but I joined Unislim three weeks before the break-up and I've found it invaluable.

"I know I'll never be a perfect size 12 but I'm now about a stone away from my target weight. I'm over the moon about that," she added.

The TV anchor said that last weekend she attended her first wedding since her split with her boyfriend Tim.

"I was a bit apprehensive about going," she revealed. "It's always going to be hard going to things like that on your own.


"We were together for two years and it is difficult when these things don't work out but the break-up was totally amicable and we'll definitely remain friends.

"We were good pals before it turned into anything romantic and that always makes things easier," she added.

"I strongly suspect I was the only single person at the whole wedding as I was sat at a table with four couples and myself but it was great, I had brilliant craic -- despite all my initial reservations."


Elaine said she has plans to return to the gym but an old ankle injury prevents her.

" I more or less still eat and drink what I want but I'm more aware of portion sizes and all the hidden calories in things like sauces and butter," she said about her diet.

"Crash diets don't work -- I'm 100pc convinced of that. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to dieting and if you lose it slowly, you'll put it back on slowly."