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Break-up helped me shed pounds, says new slimline Louise

Forget the New Year diet -- the best way to lose weight is to break up with your bloke.

At least that's what Assets beauty Louise Kavanagh is putting her dramatic weight loss down to.

Lovely Louise has revealed to the Diary that her new svelte figure is all down to her high-profile break-up with 'game boy' Andy Quirke.

The brunette beauty split with the brother of 'Mr' Rosanna Davison, Wesley Quirke, last September.

And says she has found herself unconsciously shedding the pounds since the couple went their separate ways.

Louise is now down to a tiny size eight, but says she is curvy by nature and will have to work hard to maintain her new toned look.

"I don't want to sound cheesy or whatever but I think any weight loss I've had is down to breaking up with my boyfriend," she told the Herald.

"I wouldn't quite say it was the heartbreak diet, more so that I've cut out the sitting-in-having-takeaway nights, as you tend to do when you're in a relationship.

"I just find I have more time to be out and about doing things and I have noticed that I've lost a couple of pounds all right.

"I'm naturally curvy by nature so I won't ever be one of those stick-thin girls but I will try and keep it off now.

"I'm a disaster for going to the gym though so it will have to be through healthy eating. I'm a big Special K fan, so I will definitely be taking part in their two-week plan," she added.


However Louise is adamant that she and her Dr Quirkey's heir ex-boyfriend are still on good terms and even spent time together over Christmas.

But she says she's now very much in the single ladies' club -- and enjoying it.

Louise, who last summer moved into an apartment with her model pal, Sara Kavanagh, explained how she is now back living at home as she prepares to move into her first home on her own.

Sara, meanwhile, has just taken the step of moving in with her new fitness trainer beau, Alan Byrne.

The couple have been dating since last summer.