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Break from Today will be coming at the perfect time

I can't believe how quick the year is going.

We will finish the second season and 100 shows of Today in six weeks.

Then the following week there is a baby coming, so I will get rid of one baby and I am getting another one.

That's the way it was designed so I will have a week or two before the baby comes to give me time to get my feet back on the ground again and get down to some business, I suppose for the first time in my life.

The show is going great and everyone is really happy with it, especially myself and my co-host, Maura Derrane, pictured.


We got rid of the big desk and we got the live cooking back into the kitchen so everything seems more laid-back.

The ratings are really high and the bosses really like the show.

I hope it will come back for another series but I imagine they will tell us before the summer.

When we return after the summer, sure the baby will almost be reared at that stage so that's what I'm hoping for.