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Brave Bernie reveals her hair loss after cancer treatment

Brave Nolans' star Bernie turned up at the TV Choice Awards last night, showing the true extent of her battle with cancer.

Bernie arrived at the glitzy event with a bald head and beamed at cameras.

The 49-year-old, who was the lead vocalist of Eighties pop group The Nolans, is only halfway through chemotherapy to beat an aggressive form of breast cancer.

As the treatment took its toll and her hair began to fall out in clumps, she decided to fight back by shaving her head.

At the TV Choice Awards, she explained: "I've spent the past few weeks saying I'm happy with no hair, so I felt it was important to come here and show I meant it.

"And," she added, "You know what? After 10 minutes no one notices about the hair."

Bernie is the third Nolan sister to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Her sisters Linda (51) and Anne (59) have both recovered from the illness in the past decade.

The plucky singer recently said: "I might look like something out of Star Trek, but I'm winning the fight of my life!"