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Brave Alan takes plunge as he vows to face car thieves

TV presenter Alan Hughes' stolen car was used in a high speed car chase with gardai.

Gardai believe that the Lexus has been used in several robberies since it was taken from Hughes's home last week.

The TV3 man was back at work yesterday, abseiling down the side of Croke Park. And he told the Herald that he now wants to face the thieves who ransacked his home in court.

The 43-year-old has revealed gardai believe they know the identity of the raiders who stole laptops, TVs and his car.

However, should they be charged, the Ireland AM star will have to give evidence in court.



"The horrible thing is you have to stand up in court and say these people had no permission to break into my house and steal my possessions.

"It's scandalous and intimidating, to the extent that several people I know have told me they would be in fear and wouldn't have the courage to meet these people in court, but I'm going through with all of this," Hughes said.

The broadcaster believes thieves targeted the home he shares in Malahide with husband Karl Broderick to steal his silver Lexus.

They filled with TVs and laptops before using in several more robberies, which included a high speed car chase in Bray from where he recovered the car from local gardai.

"They wanted a car and had false number plates ready for it. It seemed to have been involved in a number of incidents but the gardai can't go into detail because the matter is under investigation. I know when I got the car back most of the bodywork was ruined,"he said.

Launching a new summer series called Challenge Alan on Ireland AM, he revealed thieves had also obtained his station security pass for TV3 which had been in the car.