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Boyfriend is keeping his nose out of my new gig

My new radio gig came out of the blue about three weeks ago when I got a call asking if it was something I would be interested in.

It was very unexpected and it's so strange how one phone call can change everything.

For me, it's ideal because I still have my days to pursue whatever else is happening in Dublin and to keep working on TV and whatever else comes up there.

Then, I am in the radio station with the stability of something that really gives you a solid foundation in broadcasting every night of the week.

For the past year I had been training on FRQ FM, which is based in Spin radio offices where I was learning how to write and produce content and the mechanics of how you put together a radio show.

I think the job came out of that because Cormac was also training there so maybe having that foundation was something that swayed the job in our favour.

My boyfriend Dara (pictured) is a radio DJ for Spin 1038 and has been working at it for eight years now.

But he is staying out of my radio move because he doesn't want to feel like he is telling me what to do.

It is very nice to have him there because he is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to this stuff.

But he generally remains very quiet on it unless I ask or push him for his opinion.

I might have a conversation with him about something rather than him lecturing me about radio.

He understands it and he has worked those hours before.