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Boxing FF senator is concussed and ends up in A&E

DUBLIN Senator Averil Power has been forced to pull out of a charity boxing event after she suffered concussion in training and ended up in A&E.

The Fianna Fail senator was sparring ahead of her charity boxing match when she took some blows to the head.

Averil had missed a number of training sessions due to a chest infection and was still recovering when she entered the ring.

"It was my own silliness that caused me to get hit. I was taking punches I probably wouldn't have if I hadn't been sick.

"I decided to go back and train and told myself I'd take it easy. I just planned to go along and see how I got on," she explained.

At first Averil was unaware that she had been injured. It was not until hours later that she began to feel unwell.

"When I got home from training I was feeling amazing, thinking I should have gone last week. I felt fantastic but then I got really tired and then a couple of hours later I started to get the headaches.

"It was only slight headaches at first and I was taking Neurofen for them and then it got to the stage where I felt like my head was going


explode. It was taking over my entire head," she said.

Averil rang the hospital and when she mentioned her boxing escapades and hits to the head they advised her to come in immediately.

"I ended up going to St Vincent's and they kept me in overnight. They wanted to do a CT scan but because they couldn't do a scan that night, they told me I had to stay in for observation," added the senator.

Averil spent the night on a trolley in the busy A&E ward before getting the all clear at lunchtime on Sunday.

"I was on a trolley and I got no sleep because there is so much going on but in fairness the staff were actually really lovely," she said.

"The doctor told me I shouldn't box for a while but I'm still debating it," she added.

Averil said she is "devastated" to be missing out on Friday night's competition but insisted she would cheer on her fellow competitors.

"I really wanted to do this. It's for a great charity and so many people have sponsored me, people from every party. I'll be there on Friday either way," she added.

The event, which will see the Suttonians Rugby Club take on the DAA security, is in aid of the 3Ts -- Turn The Tide Of Suicide charity. It takes place in the Wright Venue in Swords on Friday at 7pm.

Tickets can be bought on www.srfc.ie.