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Bowman blasts cost of designer baby wear

DJ Edith Bowman has hit out at the trend for "ridiculous" designer clothes for children.

The 39-year-old, left, who has two young boys, said that people were too quick to judge women on breastfeeding and Caesarean sections.

"My brother is about to have a baby girl and my mum and I went to have a look at a shop in north London that sells the most gorgeous, but expensive, kids' clothes. Mum looked at a dress – it was £300!"

She also criticised people for being too quick to judge mothers, adding: "It amazes me how sometimes people can be so thoughtless when they come to give you their opinion.

"I had no choice in having C-sections. I can't believe the lack of understanding of people who assume I have not 'put the work in' or don't have the same connection with my child that I would have had if I'd had natural birth."