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Botox just makes you look silly -- star Felicity

FELICITY Kendal, the eternally youthful actress, has given up Botox injections after deciding the results look "silly" on women of pensionable age.

The 66-year-old admitted that she succumbed to Botox in an effort to look younger but the effects were such that she was unable to frown.

"I was a little bit younger and I wanted to look a little bit younger," she said.

"I've now come to the point where you really have to chill out and stay how you are, otherwise you look silly"

The actress, who appeared in the 2010 series of Strictly Come Dancing, has since developed a love of tattoos. She got her first at 63 and now has two: a star, representing her younger son, and a moon surrounded by feathers, which symbolises her elder son and grandchildren.

"I'm a rock chick," she said during an interview recorded for tonight's edition of the ITV show Piers Morgan's Life Stories.

She is planning to have a turtle etched on her shoulder. "I know why I'm doing it now -- it's because I know where the wrinkly bits are. I know where not to put one," Kendal explained.

"You wouldn't, at my age, have one on your tummy because it might get hidden. Bits like shoulders stay flat; they don't wrinkle."