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Borat as sexy as Beckham, says wife

Isla Fisher has gushed about her Borat star husband - comparing Sacha Baron Cohen's "sexy" body to that of David Beckham's.

The Hollywood actress is married to and has two children with the lanky funnyman, who famously posed in a lime green mankini.

Isla told Red magazine: "My husband has the body of David Beckham, the brain of Stephen Hawking and the style of Tom Ford - a rare combination."

She added: "He's sexy and his morals are pretty hard to beat."

The Australian star said her husband's ability to "cause chaos", throwing himself into confrontational, real-life scenes, meant she was often concerned about his welfare.

"Unlike most wives who can say 'How was your day at work, darling?', I have to say 'Are you getting sued? Have you been arrested? Are you in jail? Are all your limbs still attached?'"

Isla - whose films have included The Wedding Crashers and Confessions Of A Shopaholic - said Sacha persuaded her to move into comedy.

"I was going up for all these dramatic roles and not getting them until Sacha said 'You're so funny, you should be going for comedy'. It had never crossed my mind," said the mother of two.

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